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Travelling to Sao Paulo, Brazil

Book a trip to Sao Paulo for a vacation getaway to an exciting Brazilian metropolis dotted with lush landscapes and exceptional cultural and art centers. Sao Paulo is Brazil’s most populous and wealthy region, and is the twelfth most populated city in the world. Here, visitors can enjoy a number of museums, parks and galleries that have easy access to the airport and many top Sao Paulo hotels. If you’re looking to save big on your vacation in Sao Paulo, consider bundling your hotel and flight bookings with a Sao Paulo vacation package. Wakanow can assist you with every aspect of your travel, from booking a flight and hotel to obtaining a Brazil Visa.

When to Visit Sao Paulo

The best time to visit Sao Paulo depends on your travel budget and preferences. This region has year-round warm weather, and is an optimal getaway any time of year. The peak tourist season for travelling to Sao Paulo is from June until December. Temperatures are moderate or cool, skies are sunny and clear, and some of the best events in the city take place at this time. Because of the popularity for visitors, you can expect more crowds and higher travel and hospitality costs during this time. If you’re looking to save money and have a budget Sao Paulo vacation, book your flight and hotel for anytime from mid-December through February. This is when a lot of locals head out of town for vacation and the climate tends to be rainy. If you’re planning to travel to Sao Paulo during off-peak season, be sure to pack along or budget for rain gear like umbrella, rain boots and rain jacket!

Things to Do in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo offers a number of exciting things to do and see on your vacation. There are a number of cultural centers and parks worth visiting, and many sights to see as well. Sao Paulo’s popular hotspots and attractions include the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, home to Latin America’s largest and finest collection of European art; Museum of the Portuguese Language, an interactive center that engages visitors on the history and evolution of the Portuguese Language; and Ibirapuera Park, a large and lush park cleared out as an escape from bustling city life, where you can stroll or jog or even have a picnic.

No matter what Sao Paulo Attractions you line up for your holiday in Sao Paulo, be sure to save money and stretch your budget by booking your Sao Paulo hotels, flights, and vacation packages with Wakanow today!

Getting Around Sao Paulo

The most popular way to get around Sao Paulo is by road -- either bus, bike or car. Sao Paulo is a popular city for tourists and is a bustling metropolis, and it’s easy to find great deals on flights to Sao Paulo and convenient transportation from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to top Sao Paulo attractions. Sao Paulo’s public transportation is part of Brazil’s bus system, and it is comprised of three levels:

  • Municipal: travel from place to place within the city
  • State: travel from one place to another, anywhere within the same state
  • Federal: travel between different Brazilian states and cross state borders

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