Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Wakanow Travel Card? - TAGS: Card

Apply at, Any Wakanow Travel Center, Any UBA branch nationwide;

Where can I activate my Wakanow Travel Card? - TAGS: Card

At any UBA branch nationwide;

Where can I load my Wakanow Travel Card? - TAGS: Card

Online @: i. (exclusive to UBA customers) Transfers: Simply transfer the desired amount to load on your Wakanow Prepaid Card to: Bank: UBA | Account No: 1015161764 Note: all transfers via this channel are effected within 3 – 6 hours Wakanow Travel Centers: Load your Wakanow Prepaid Card at any of our Wakanow Travel Centers Bank – UBA Branches: Load your Wakanow Prepaid Card at any UBA branch nationwide.;

How do I access my Wakanow Prepaid Card? - TAGS: Card

You can access your account by logging on to The following services are available: i. Check balance ii. View transaction history iii. Card-to-card transfers iv. Verified By Visa activation v. PIN management vi. Card deactivation – in case of lost or stolen cards;

What are the fees that apply to the Wakanow Prepaid Card? - TAGS: Card

Visit for updated fees;

What are the transaction limits that apply to the Wakanow Prepaid Card? - TAGS: Card

Visit for updated transaction limits;

How do I know the balance on my Wakanow Prepaid Travel Card? - TAGS: Card

Online at and on any ATM;

How long can I use my Wakanow Prepaid Travel Card? - TAGS: Card

Your Wakanow Prepaid Card is valid for 4 YEARS from date of issuance.;

If I am a non-resident can I buy a ticket in Naira? - TAGS: Flight

Yes you can buy a ticket in Naira (N) at the same price as shown in the website.;

How can I search for business class ticket only? - TAGS: Flight

Before searching just select the desired class (Business or Economy) from the ticket Class Dropdown.;

Can I request for cancellation of ticket? - TAGS: Flight

Yes, You can call for cancellation or modification of ticket and effect new travel dates before the initial date of travel. This is subject to the ticket rules.;

For how long can I leave a ticket open? - TAGS: Flight

You can leave a ticket open but MUST effect a new travel date immediately.;

How do I contact Wakanow? - TAGS: Flight

Call 07009252669 OR 016329250 OR 012773010. or send an Email to Or Walk into any of our Travel Centers,click here for Location addresses.;

What age is considered a Child and infant? - TAGS: Flight

• Infant - The age of 0-2 years are called as infant. • Child - The age of 2-12 years is called as child.;

What is an e-ticket? - TAGS: Flight

An e-Ticket (electronic ticket) is a number given to passenger in place of a paper ticket. Passengers are required to show this unique confirmation number at the airline counter of airport to get boarding card. The passenger also has the option to carry airline PNR (passenger name record) number if the reservation has been processed electronically with a valid photo id proof as a mandatory.;

How do I know my reservation was booked? - TAGS: Flight

You will receive an SMS and email on confirmation of your booking with Wakanow.;

How will I get my boarding pass for an e-Ticket? - TAGS: Flight

You will receive an SMS and email on confirmation of your booking with Wakanow.;

I am unable to login to - TAGS: General

Please make sure you are registered with us and you have a valid account with us.;

I'm trying to login but I get a message saying "Unable to Login”? - TAGS: General

This can happen because of two reasons: The Agent Id (Your mobile/email id) entered is invalid. Please re-check your agent id entered or contact our help desk at to verify whether the user id being entered is valid or not. In case the password being entered is invalid please contact our help desk at They will reset your password and give you a new password to login into your account.;

Why is an airline not available or showing up on search results? - TAGS: General

If a particular airline doesn't show on the fare search results page that means seats are not available on that particular day for that airline or that airline doesn't fly that sector. In case there is a technical issue due to which some airline is not available on, you can get the reservations done by calling our reservations desk at 0700WAKANOW (07009252669) directly.;

How do I apply for any group bookings? - TAGS: General

If you have any group bookings for groups of 10-15 or more please send us the details of your booking at or reach our group reservations at 0700WAKANOW (07009252669) . We shall assist you with the best available group fares at the earliest. ;

What is the Search Abuse Control Mechanism on Wakanow website? - TAGS: General

We have built an automatic search abuse control mechanism where in the system would automatically block you if your search to book ratio increases beyond a particular limit. You are therefore advised to maintain a healthy search to book ratio. ;

Do I need to register with Wakanow to purchase on the website? - TAGS: General

No. You just have to have a valid Interswitch Debit/Credit Card with the sufficient funds and then you can start the buying various products on offer. You can also pay for your transaction using our dedicated bank account details to make payment. Click here for the list of Wakanow bank accounts.;

I forgot my password, what should I do? - TAGS: General

Visit the website address, click ‘Login’ at the topmost of the page. Once the page opens, click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link and follow the steps afterwards.;

How do I change my password? - TAGS: General

An email with a password and a link will be sent to your email address. Click or copy the link to a browser. Once the page opens, enter the default password and then provide your New password in the ‘New Password’ field.;

Is it safe to use my Debit/Credit card on this site? - TAGS: General

Transactions on Wakanow are very safe as we employ the best-in-class security and the transactions done through via are secure. Wakanow uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) data encryption. Using SSL ensures that the information exchanged with Wakanow is never transmitted unencrypted thus protecting the information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals. This encryption is done using 128-bit RC4 encryption. In addition the credit card information is processed over secure 3 D gateways which are certified by the credit card issuing authority.;

What do I do if I need to reschedule a ticket? - TAGS: General

You can reschedule the ticket by calling the Airline directly or by calling our Help Desk 0700WAKANOW (07009252669) between 8 AM and 8 PM. Reversal of Commissions on Cancellation of Aero contractors, Virgin Nigeria Airlines, Bellview Airlines and Arik Air. For the above airlines on cancellation of their tickets the commissions are reversed. ;

How long in advance should one book a holiday, and why? - TAGS: Holiday

We strongly recommend booking at least one to two months or more prior to departure to ensure confirmed arrangements and complete visa processing and other formalities.;

What age is considered a Child and infant? - TAGS: Hotel

• Infant - The age of 0-2 years are called as infant. • Child - The age of 2-12 years is called as child.;

Can I book for Flight and Hotel same time? - TAGS: Hotel

Yes you can book and get amazing discounts. You can add an hotel to your flight booking process, or add a flight to your hotel booking.;

Do i need to pay insurance for every booking - TAGS: Insurance

No, Insurance is optional.;

Do I qualify for Pay Small Small? - TAGS: PSS

Pay Small Small is open to all travellers who register and have a valid account with;

I’m trying to login but I keep getting a message saying “Unable to Login”, what does this mean? - TAGS: PSS

This can happen because of two reasons: The login ID (your mobile /email id) entered is invalid . Please re-check your login ID entered or contact our helpdesk at to verify the user id being entered is valid or not. In case the password being entered is invalid, please contact our help desk at They will reset your password and give you a new password to login to your account;

What is the minimum amount required to qualify? - TAGS: PSS

The required amount to qualify for Pay Small Small Scheme is N100,000. This is inclusive of Flight, Flight plus Insurance, Flight plus Hotel or Hotel only.;

Does Pay Small Small covers all flight fares? - TAGS: PSS

No, only refundable flight booking qualify for this scheme;

Does the Pay Small Small payment option allow for amendment, cancellation or shift in travel date? - TAGS: PSS

Yes, PSS allows for amendments in travel dates as changes are permitted, charges however apply where due;

If I default in payment do I get back my 25% Down Payment? - TAGS: PSS

No, all transactions made on “Pay Small Small” scheme are subject to 25% non-refundable down payment of the total cost payable within 24hrs of booking request as specified on the terms and conditions.;

If I make my initial down payment of 25%, when do I get my ticket? - TAGS: PSS

Ticket is issued immediately we receive your 25% down payment. However, this will only be sent to you upon confirmation of final payment as advised on your payment schedule.;

Does Pay Small cover Multi-Destinations? - TAGS: PSS

Yes you can use Pay Small Small for multi-destination flight booking s. Simply contact (07009252669) or Email for booking of multi-destinations;

Can a customer increase his initial down payments? - TAGS: PSS

Yes, while making a booking, you will be asked to select your down payment percentage (%). Please select your desired down payment;

Can I use my Debit/Credit card to make payments for Pay Small Small? - TAGS: PSS

Yes, the scheme accepts payment via the electronic mediums (Debit-Visa Card, Master Card, Verve Card e.t.c).;

How do I know my next payment due date for the Pay Small Small? - TAGS: PSS

You can see the payment due date on your payment schedule sent to you after making flight bookings or as displayed on site for each booking.;

How do I know my reservation was booked? - TAGS: PSS

You will receive an SMS and email on confirmation of your booking with Wakanow;

I want to pay my Down payment. How do i pay and also make my subsequent instalments? - TAGS: PSS

You can only pay into our PSS designated account with Zenith Bank ( Account no- 1014516543, Account name-;

Is there any Service Charge added to my fare if I want to do Pay Small Small. - TAGS: PSS

Yes, we have Service Charges for our Pay Small Small bookings;

I am travelling in 8 months time; can I make my booking under the Scheme now? How long can I pay back? - TAGS: PSS

Yes, you can book ahead of your trip under the Pay Small Small Scheme. Our tenor ranges from 2weeks to 6 months.;

I am unable to make my next instalment on the agreed repayment date. - TAGS: PSS

This is default and will attract accrued interest charge;

I have completed my payment but am no longer travelling. Can I leave my ticket opened? - TAGS: PSS

Yes, you can leave your ticket opened and use later. This must be within the expiration limit of the ticket.;

I have completed my payment but I don’t need the ticket any longer. How do I get my refund? - TAGS: PSS

For outright cancellation of PSS tickets, the ticket will be placed on refund and you will be credited back with the refund value from the airline.;

I have not completed my payment but I have paid above the down payment. How do I get my refund as I don’t want the ticket anymore? - TAGS: PSS

The amount paid above the down payment will be refunded back you;

I opted for a 1month tenor but my travelling date is still far, can I defer my payment towards my travel date - TAGS: PSS

Repayments must strictly be in line with the tenor opted for. i.e if you had opted for a 1 month plan, payment must be made within 1 month;

How do I earn points on Wakanow? - TAGS: Rewards

You earn points anytime you spend on Wakanow by booking Flights, Hotels, Packages or Travel SIMs. Points are credited to your loyalty account on the returning date of your flight ticket or the checkout date of hotel booking, barring any cancellations.;

Do I need to enrol in Wakanow Rewards? - TAGS: Rewards

Customers are enrolled automatically as soon as they book on Wakanow. For returning customers, if you booked with us in the last 6 months, expect a welcome email confirming your enrolment in Wakanow Rewards. You will be asked to log into your loyalty account using your unique Loyalty Account Number to create a username and password.;

What is a point worth? What are my points good for? - TAGS: Rewards

Points can also be redeemed as gift cards when you log into your Wakanow Rewards account. 1 Waka point is equivalent to 1 Naira;

Do points expire? - TAGS: Rewards

Points expire after every 2 YEARS.;

I need a visa free destination for my holiday? - TAGS: Visa

Depending on where you are in the World, a few countries in Africa have a Visa Free policy or Visa on arrival policy for certain residents of other countries. Please send an email to or call our Help Desk on (0700WAKANOW) Nigeria +2347009252669, Uk +442035383369, Dubai+97144427891, Ghana +233307082484 between 8 AM and 8 PM, a dedicated consultant will attend to your request.;

Are Nigerians banned from traveling to Dubai? - TAGS: Visa

Currently there is no ban on Nigerians from entering Dubai. Once you make available all the necessary travel documents (valid visa, valid international passport, flight booking and hotel booking) and the Dubai Authorities are happy with your submission, you will be allowed entry into Dubai.;

I am below 30 years, am I qualified to apply for Dubai visa? - TAGS: Visa

Yes you are qualified to apply for a Dubai visa, provided you are 25 years and above. However, applicants below 25 years need to apply with an older relative (40 years and above) with the same surname. The older relative does not have to travel but the visa application serves as a cover for the applicant’s visa process.;

Is it true that Female applicants can not apply for a Dubai Visa alone? - TAGS: Visa

Female applicants can apply and travel to Dubai alone provided they meet the visa application requirements. This also applies to male applicants. There are currently no restrictions as regards gender visa application policy.;

Can I process a Dubai visa with Wakanow and have my flight and hotel booked elsewhere? - TAGS: Visa

Wakanow only processes Dubai visa for customers who have confirmed flight and hotel bookings with us. The service comes as a package and this qualifies customers for a complimentary airport pick up and drop off in Dubai.;