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Travelling to Calabar, Nigeria

Visit Calabar, also known as Canaan City -- a scenic and endearing coastal southeastern Nigerian city. It is the capital city of the Cross River State and has two main regions, Calabar South LGAs and Calabar Municipal. More than 370,000 people call Calabar home, and many thrive off of this city’s major role as an international sea port, with palm oil as a major regional export. During the transatlantic slave trade, Calabar transformed into a major port transporting predominantly Igbo people as slaves via primarily English ships. Calabar was the first Nigerian capital city and today is home to popular attractions including an international museum, botanical gardens, a Free Trade Port, an International Airport and Seaport, a sports stadium, a major University, and a number of historical and cultural landmarks. At Wakanow we can help you to plan your trip to Calabar and find the very best travel deals on Calabar hotels and packages.

When to Visit Calabar

The best time of year to travel to Calabar is in December through February. Climate is moderate and warm, and much drier this time of year in Calabar. This is a popular time for tourists and it is peak travel season to Calabar, so expect higher prices and more crowds. If you’d like to save money on your vacation in Calabar, consider flying to Calabar during off-peak tourist season, from May through October. During this time, it is very rainy and there are less outdoor activities. If you choose to travel to Calabar during rainy season, be sure to budget for or pack along appropriate clothes to keep you warm and dry.

Things to Do in Calabar

Calabar was once the capital city of Nigeria and currently is the capital of Cross River State, one of Nigeria’s most popular states for tourists due to its high volume of natural attractions, cultural and architectural attractions, and waterfront beauty. Here, visitors enjoy the Drill Monkey Rehabilitation Center, where indigenous monkeys are taken care of and protected by medical professionals, or the classic Calabar marketplaces like the Marian market or Watt market. There are also historical and cultural tourist attractions including Duke Town, Calabar Cemetery and Calabar Museum. There’s certainly no shortage of amazing things to see and do on your Calabar vacation, and you will have an easy time booking a hotel close to top Calabar attractions.

Getting Around Calabar

Calabar transportation options are limited compared to some major cities, but are adequate and quite simple. The most popular ways to get around Calabar are either by boat service or by car service -- hired car, bus, or car rental.

Calabar is a beautiful city, and you’ve never seen any place quite like it. Come see it for yourself! Plan your Calabar Vacation with Wakanow, your online travel agency. We’ll help you find low prices and great deals on Calabar travel packages, hotel bookings and flights to Calabar. If you need help obtaining a Nigeria Visa, our dedicated specialists will guide you through the process.