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Wakanow Pay Small Small (PSS) is a flexible travel payment plan that allows customers lock down great travel deals by making only 25% down payment of the travel cost and paying the rest in convenient instalments. PSS allows you to save as much as 150% by taking advantage of the ‘early bird’ fares, and spread your payment over a convenient period of time.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All installments must be paid in full before travel date.
  2. All transactions made on the “Pay Small Small” scheme are subject to a (non-refundable) down payment of 25% of the transaction value, payable within 24 hours of booking request.
  3. Tickets shall ONLY be issued upon initial down payment and a lien is placed on the ticket until all installments are fully paid. Changes are permitted with applicable charges.
  4. Strict adherence to the payment plan opted for by the passenger is advised. Default charges apply to late payment.
  5. Refunds are applicable on total amount paid less 25% of the total value of the transaction (Refer to No2 above). This amount covers the cancellation charges on tickets.
  6. Travel Insurance policy on Pay Small Small is not confirmed until final payment.
  7. Tickets will not be released BEFORE payment of the final installment for the purpose of procuring Traveler’s Allowance (PTA or BTA).