Wakanow Loyalty Rewards Program

Registering for Wakanow Rewards?

Customers automatically get registered on the Rewards program as soon as they book and make payment on Wakanow. Click Here to Sign In

Wakanow Loyalty Rewards Program

Wakanow Rewards you for each Naira you spend on Wakanow. Now you can earn points whenever you book a flight, hotel and all other travel related products. You can also earn extra points when you pay for any of our service using the Wakanow Prepaid Card or  our Pay Small Small Scheme. The points you earn can be used to shop from a variety of merchants on our Rewards site. The fun doesn't stop there, you can also use your Reward points to contribute towards your next trip with Wakanow

Earn Points for Every Purchase

Payment Channels

Points earned for every N1000 you spend

Cash Wakanow Prepaid Card All other Cards & online payment Pay Small Small Scheme Mobile Booking First-time Bookings
Flights 0.5 2 1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Hotels and or transfers 1 4 2 3 3 3
Flight + Hotel 3 12 6 9 9 9
Travel Sim top up 5 20 10   - 15
Cross borders transactions - 2 -   - -
All non-Wakanow spend in Nigeria - 1 -   - -
Any N200,000 spent (up to the first N800,000 - 5,000 -   - -

How does it work?

You earn points each time you spend on Wakanow or spend anywhere using our Prepaid card. It's really that simple!

Benefits of the Rewards Program
  • Earning points when you spend on Wakanow or spend on other platforms using our prepaid card
  • Use points on selected vendor stores e.g. Jumia, Terra culture, Samsung, Spa, etc.
  • Get free airtime and data on selected mobile phone networks with your points
Customer Tiers
  • Bronze Customer: Below 750 points
  • Silver Customer: 750 – 1,499 points
  • Gold Customer: 1,500 – 2,499 points
  • Platinum Customer: 2,500 points and above

Registration process

  • If you are a new customer, You are automatically enrolled on the Rewards program when you book a ticket or buy a travel product on Wakanow. Your login details (Account number) will be sent to the email address your provided at checkout.
  • For returning customers, if you have paid for any of our products between the period of (2nd of November 2015 and 1st of May 2016) you have already been registered on the Rewards program (please look out for the Welcome Email with your account number)
  • For returning customers that have booked with Wakanow before the 2nd of November 2015, You will get registered on the Rewards program after your next booking with Wakanow.

Redeeming Points

This is the fun part, you can use your points to buy from a variety of merchants on our Rewards website, but it doesn't stop there, you can also use your reward points to contribute towards your next trip with Wakanow

Getting started

Follow these simple steps and start cashing in on your cool points !!!

  • Click here to login into your rewards account
  • Select 'Account number' and log in using the account number provided in your Welcome Email
  • Enter your phone number as part of our verification process (Please note that this is the number you entered at your first booking with Wakanow)
  • Manage your account: Choose your username and password (this will be used for subsequent log ins)
  • You are set!! Browse through our selected vendors and use your points to purchase from a variety of merchants on the Rewards site

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