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A trip to Jeddah

Jeddah is known as the main gateway to Mecca, Saudi Arabia’s holiest city. Jeddah is not just a gateway but a destination for visitors looking for beach activities, shopping, dining and religious monuments. Book your Jeddah vacation and visit the city that hosts millions of visitors a year. Whether you wish to tour the Floating Mosque or scuba dive in the Red Sea during your visit to Jeddah, book a vacation package, get discounts on local attractions, schedule flights and search hotels with Wakanow and begin a Jeddah holiday that you will remember forever as one of your favorites.

What to see

Visit Jeddah and enjoy the views of King Fahd’s Fountain, the world’s tallest fountain. At its massive heights, King Fahd’s Fountain can be viewed from anywhere in the city. Walk through the Floating Mosque in the Red Sea and take in its beautiful meditation and prayer space. View the mosque from the shore at night and see its lights reflect off the Red Sea. Visit the marketplace in Balad and tour a city right out of the movies with its traditional architecture and bustling marketplace complete with shouting vendors and busy streets. Take a group Jeddah holiday or honeymoon in Jeddah and enjoy these attractions and more.

What to do

Snorkel, scuba dive or water ski in the Red Sea during your Jeddah vacation. Many of Jeddah’s resorts and hotels come with all inclusive water sport packages. Take the family to the Fakieh Aquarium for a dolphin show or to the Red Sea Mall for a day of shopping and an evening at the on-site go kart track or bowling alley. Eat at one of Jeddah’s varied restaurants then experience the nightlife at one of the many clubs, bars and lounges.

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