International SIM Card

The Travel SIM is an easy to use prepaid service, designed to greatly reduce the cost of using your mobile phone when travelling abroad. With the travel SIM you get an international number and a SIM card that you place in your handset when you go overseas. The travel SIM has the best international roaming rates for calls, text and data and is the perfect travel companion to take overseas which lets you stay in touch with family and friends and addresses your communication needs.

How does it Work?

Simply place your Travel SIM card in your phone when you travel and start making calls to Nigeria and any other country at the best rates there is!

Also you can take advantage of discounted rates when you use our international call back feature to make calls. Make a call to Nigeria or any other country while abroad, the Travel SIM picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialled and calls you back, connecting the two ends of the line. Easy! To activate the call back feature simply dial #954 to activate the call back feature