Travelling to Miami

Book a Miami vacation and discover a tropical jewel, which drew over 12 million visitors in 2008. Situated upon the Atlantic Ocean, Miami houses some of the world’s most famous beaches and vibrant downtown atmospheres. With a population of around 450,000 people, Miami has over 800 parks and is situated between two national parks, the Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.

Miami has a uniquely rich environment, which is compromised of brightly colored skyscrapers, dense swamps, and miles upon miles of sparkling oceanfront. Miami has won numerous awards for its landmarks and amenities, being named previously by Forbes as “America’s Cleanest City” and as America’s richest city in 2009 by a UBS study. Miami is also considered the “Capital of Latin America” within the United States as it contains the second largest American Spanish speaking majority and is home to a very large Cuban population.

The immense Art Deco architecture of Miami’s skyline and various neighborhoods is a wonderful and breathtaking feature to gaze upon as you sit on one of Miami’s marvelous beaches: South Beach, Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, etc. With warm weather all year round and some of the world’s most beautiful man-made beaches, it’s no wonder why Miami receives such acclaim as one of the richest and most frequented tourist cities in North America. Wakanow is currently offering great deals on Miami packages! Let our team of travel experts help you search for Miami flights, the best Miami hotels, as well as information on how to obtain a Miami visa.

What to See in Miami

Miami is often described as the “Magic City” because of its artistic and vibrant festivities that occur everyday and every night. South Beach contains a dazzling display of different cultured shops, whether its taking a tour of the World Erotic Art Museum or getting champagne dinners at Club Nikki Beach; this swimsuit clad district of celebrities and crowded tourists will surely be an entertaining experience for any traveler. The Art Deco district of Ocean Drive is home to over 800 buildings designed between the 1920s and 40s and contains ample opportunities for sightseeing, retro dining, and retro shopping. For some of the most unique cultural experiences, that only Miami’s Cuban population can offer, visit Little Havana. You’ll be delighted with Mediterranean style homes, the cacophony of festive Latin music, and the rich scent of fresh cigars and tobacco outlets that Little Havana houses.

What to Do in Miami

Miami’s tropical landscape provides amazing boat tours through the everglades and into the Atlantic Ocean. South Beach, Miami, Beach, or Pelican Island offer wonderful fishing, swimming, picnic, and recreation activities for travellers who are looking to kick back and get a nice tan upon some of the world’s most amazing and beautiful beaches. Feed the giraffes, the lions, or even a kangaroo at the zoos offered at Safari Edventure or at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. With such brilliant art deco and art exhibits that Miami has to offer as well as its rich climate and landscape, it’s no wonder Miami is repeatedly ranked as one of the United States’ best tourist hotspots and richest cities to live in.

No other place in the world will provide you with the experience Miami has to offer. Unravel it all by booking your Miami holiday with discount Miami travel packages on Wakanow!