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Items Needed to Apply for a Malaysia Visa

  • Scanned copy of valid passport photograph
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  • Confirmed round-trip airline ticket to input name of airline carrier
  • Confirmed booking of hotel for duration of your stay

Places to visit in Malaysia

Malaysian Visa and Passport Entry Requirements

If you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur on your next getaway, will you need to have a visa when entering Malaysia? Most nationalities are allowed to enter Malaysia without a visa and they will be issued a 14, 30 or 90 day entry stamp permit in their passport.

The following countries and territories will be able to enter Malaysia without a visa for a full 90 days:
Yemen, Uruguay, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Tunisia, Syria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, South Korea, South Africa, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, San Marino, Romania, Qatar, Portugal, Poland, Peru, Oman, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Morocco, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Lebanon, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Jordan, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Iran, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, France, Germany, Finland, Egypt, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cuba, Croatia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belgium, Belarus, Bahrain, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Algeria, Albania

No visa for Malaysia is required for nationals of the ASEAN countries, except for Myanmar. For a stay that exceeds one month, these countries will require a visa. Visas will be required for citizens of Israel with permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs. For citizens of the Republic of Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia visas for Malaysia will be required, without permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs necessary. Other countries whose citizens require a visa for Malaysia include Cameroon, Bangladesh, Ghana, Pakistan, Mozambique and Nigeria. If you are a dual citizen and you have two passports it is important to exit your last port and enter into Malaysia on the same passport.

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Obtaining a visa for Malaysia will unlock all of the wonders that this beautiful country has to offer. From the amazing culinary scene of Penang to the beaches of Labuan to the cool misty tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands to the lush jungles of Borneo, there is so much to discover here. Within the capital city of Kuala Lumpur there is plenty to see and do, including bustling night markets, great restaurants, world-class shopping and excellent museums. When it comes to planning your trip to Malaysia there is a lot to think about, including making sure that you have the right visa to enter the country. Also, there are a lot of travel packages, hotels, flights and other options to choose from – so make sure that you have found the right package for your needs.

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