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Accra Flights

Built around into a sizable town around British and Dutch forts built in the 17th century, Accra is one of the lesser known tourists of Ghana. Not being accessed by many, adds a dimension of intrigue along with beauty to the city, which in turn evokes the interests of a traveler to choose Accra as a destination.

To enhance tourism in Accra, Wakanow, has introduced a series of services, a few of which include cheap flights to Accra, special discounted hotels, airport pick-ups, etc. To book your flights to Accra, just mention the date of travel and boarding points and we shall suggest you a list of airlines along with the flight timings and fares for you to choose from. By providing you with a comprehensive list of airlines, we potentially save you the hassle of running around everywhere to compare prices.

So, book your flight to Accra now and indulge yourself in a holiday that you will remember for years together. Some of the places which are a must visit include: the National Museum of Ghana, the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, the University of Ghana, the Central Library and last but not the least the Christianborg Castle, built by the Danes in the 17th century.

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