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Aero Contractors

AeroContractors has been the most principal and most visibly decipherable name in the aviation industry of Nigeria since 1959. Currently, Aero Contractors offers an absolute series of aviation services. They comply with the European Joint Aviation Requirements (J.A.R.) and is an active member of the International Air Transport Aviation (I.A.T.A.) with IATA Code as AJ.

Beginning as a charter service company Aero Contactors has gone on to provide both rotary and fixed wing services to all the major oil and gas companies and supporting industries working in Nigerian and in the West African region. Gradually with time and increased demands for air transport in Nigeria, the company ventured in the market as a scheduled airline in 2000.

Flying to almost every part of the world, Aero Contractor, adds a new dimension to our flying experience. It offers you one of the most comfortable journeys and a price range that suits every pocket. So ahead and book your flights in this elite Nigerian Airline and experience the most exquisite flight of your life time.

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