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Cheap flights to Kano

One of the biggest cities of Northern Nigeria, Kano also happens to be the most important economic centre of the region. Apart from it, the city is also a popular tourist destination, inviting travelers from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Not just among tourists, but the place is also quite popular in businessmen for the reasons stated above. Every year, hundreds of flights to Kano from London and flights to Kano from Abuja bring in thousands of visitors to this wonderful city. This automatically accounts for the reason why there is such a huge demand for cheap flights to Kano.

From tourism point of view, the city of Kano has got lot to offer. On the perimeter of the Sahel (the periphery of the Sahara) Kano has many cultural and chronological links to the tribes of the southern Sahara. As a traveler, you are advised to visit the walls of the Old City with 16 gates and the gigantic Kurmi Market. Other places of tourist importance are the Central Mosque, the Emir’s Palace and the Gidan Makama Museum. Kano showcases one of the most ancient techniques of cloth dyeing at the Kofar Mata dye pits (the oldest in Africa).

Clearly, Kano is one city where you can spot the rare perfect mixture of the age old culture of Nigeria and contemporary times

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