Travel Around the World: Geography for Kids

Learning about geography does not have to seem like schoolwork. You can make it fun by playing games as you learn. There are so many things around the world that are cool, weird and fascinating. The world is a big place, and there is a lot to see. Try some of these games, activities and quizzes. If you have fun while you learn, you might just find yourself wanting to know more.

North America

  • North America Geography Games – Play a host of geography games made to teach you an understanding of North America. Includes word games, puzzles, map games and printable material.
  • North America Interactive Map – This interactive map allows you to click on any country. For each country there are facts, games, and music. Each country also has additional links for more fun learning material.
  • North America Map Quiz – Score points by picking the right North American country on the map. Once you master those, you can move on to other parts of the world to continue testing your knowledge.
  • North American Geography Bee – Play this fun, interactive quiz game and see how you do. You can play it with a time limit to see how fast you are with your answers. Afterwards, you can try some of the other fun educational games on the site.

South America

  • Geography: Countries of South America – Get the top score by picking the correct South American country. Register so you can put your name on the leaderboard.
  • South and Central American Crafts – Have fun and learn about South and Central America by making things with items you can find around your home. Once you learn the basics, you can start making other things as well.
  • South America Map Quiz – Can you guess which country the map is showing you? In this game you must guess the country before the timer runs out. Once you master South America, you can try with other continents as well.
  • South & Central America: Tutorial – Click a country on the map and a voice will tell you the name of it. Once you learn the countries of South America, you can move to the next level.


  • Kids' Corner: EU Games and Quizzes – Learn about Europe and the EU through games, quizzes and fun facts.
  • Europe Geography Quizzes – Take any one of these geography quizzes and see if you can beat the average score.
  • Anagram Quiz – Can you figure out what the scrambled word is? The game will give you a hint by telling you the name of the capital city, but you have to guess the country before time runs out.
  • Europe Printouts – Print out these flags, maps and activity sheets. You can learn and color the flags and maps. You can fill out the activity sheets and use them for reports.


  • Asia Kids Society – Learn all about Asia with interactive stories, games and art. You can learn how to count in Chinese or read about how people in Asia celebrate popular holidays.
  • Kids Web Japan – Learn about Japan and Japanese culture through games, comics, quizzes, pictures, videos and even stories.
  • Can you name the Countries of Asia? - Can you name all the Asian countries before the timer runs out?
  • Countries of Southeast Asia and South Asia – Drag and drop the country name onto its proper place on the map. When you're done, check to see how many you got right.


  • Explore Africa with Anansi - Explore Africa with Anansi through an interactive story and game that will introduce you to Africa's geography and history.
  • Geography Game: Countries of Africa – Guess the African country. You can learn all 54 by playing this game.
  • Playtime! Seek and Find – Learn about Africa and its many places through games, art, music and activities.
  • Africa Map Puzzle – Match the African country to its proper place on the map. See if you can match them all without making any mistakes.


  • Australia Day and General Australia Crafts – Learn about Australia's national holiday through music, games, coloring pages, arts and craft projects. Australia isn't the only theme of the site. You can also learn about other places and holidays.
  • Australia and New Zealand Jeopardy – Play Jeopardy with questions about Australia. One or two players can play.
  • Australia for Kids – Read a picture book, take a quiz, and learn about Australia through fun games and activities.
  • Australia Puzzle – Answer the questions correctly and reveal the picture. Careful – the wrong answers will mix up the picture.


  • Blue Planet Challenge: Polar Seas – Explore the Antarctic on an ice breaker ship in this educational game.
  • Observing Antarctica – Observe the vast landscape of Antarctica through interactive maps and videos.
  • Discovering Antarctica – Discover Antarctica through audio, video, pictures and other interactive activities.
  • Unscramble the Picture – Unscramble the picture by answering these quiz questions correctly.

The 5 Oceans

  • Fun Activities for Kids – Here are some activities that you can try at home. Ever wonder why ponds freeze but not oceans? Want to know how ocean animals stay warm? Read the lessons, and then do an experiment to see it for yourself.
  • NOAA Games – Play over 20 games, puzzles and other fun activities. While you play, you will learn about oceans, sea creatures, rivers and storms.
  • Ocean Odyssey – Help the ocean creatures in the Underwater Kingdom. As you play, you will learn about how these creatures live underwater.
  • Treasures at Sea: Interactive Activities – Play games and solve puzzles. Look at ocean art, take a quiz and learn all about the oceans and the creatures that live in them.

The Tallest Mountains

  • Mountain Range Geography – Everything you ever wanted to know about mountains. Includes a list of the tallest the longest mountain ranges.
  • Earth for Kids – Learn about mountains and everything else related to the Earth. You can see pictures, do activities and try fun experiments. There are also videos, facts and quizzes.
  • Mountain Quiz - Do you think you know everything about mountains? Take this quiz.
  • Mountains – Learn all about mountains. Find out where mountains come from and other facts about mountains. Also, have a look at pictures and videos of mountains.

More Geography Games and Resources

  • Geography & Geology for Kids, The Study of Our Earth – Read an interactive geography textbook while playing geographically-themed songs. Includes links to games, movies, worksheets and other fun material.
  • Map Games – Play fun word and puzzle games that will test how much you know about the places on the Earth. Includes puzzle games, crosswords, and drag and drop games.
  • Geography Games – Play games, see awesome videos and learn about geography with National Geographic.
  • Social Studies Games – Play games, watch videos and learn about the world around you. Links to other sites that have games and fun interactive maps.